Evernote & CloudMagic


I've known about Evernote for a while now. I've even tried to use it before with little success - but something finally clicked in late 2012 / early 2013 that made it an integral part of my life.

Instead of me telling you about Evernote and what's good and bad about it I highly suggest you read and especially watch The Verge's piece on Evernote.

Now that you are hopefully done watching I will say that I actually like the iOS version. When they did their piece it was when Evernote 5 was first released and it did have some hiccups. Since then I've become a huge fan and use the iPhone and iPad version daily. With that being said the desktop client really is the better version.

The Evernote Web Clipper and how it display search results (even in Safari) really changed how I use it. Now instead of items being saved away and me never remembering what I saved - now I'm reminded if something is important when I'm doing a similar search in Google. I honestly think I would still not be using Evernote if it was not for his enhancement.

I got so used to how awesome it is to search Google and see all my Evernote results that I started to wish that I could see even more things. Such as Twitter, Email, etc.


I first heard of CloudMagic through Federico Ticci who was talking about how great it was. I took a look and I would have to agree with him.

CloudMagic is a web service (with a Safari plugin) that searches through your Twitter, Email, Dropbox, etc and displays the results when you search Google. So now when I type something into either the omnibar or the Google homepage I get results off to the side - 1st with CloudMagic results and 2nd with Evernote results. Granted CloudMagic can search through Evernote as well but I find it better to have CloudMagic showing Messages or Updates while having Evernote in its own window.

Now that I have two ways of searching through stuff that I archive I find myself using Evernote a lot more. While it's still not perfect its by far the best solution for me.