Using Evernote as a parent

Wow - never thought I would write such a title. Sounds like something straight out of Good Parenting or something.

Either way I have found a few really good use cases for Evernote that I wanted to share. Neither one of these are revolutionary but I have found myself going back many times to look at what I've stored.

Voice Recorder

My son is 3 and says a lot of interesting things. At least to me. His vocabulary and how he says things is changing daily and I've started to use the Voice memo to record him talking.

Thankfully he hasn't really caught on to what I'm doing so he keeps talking which is great.

So I've been taking these voice recordings and tagging them with his name and throwing them into a folder with his name.

I've gone back and listened to them many times - especially when I'm traveling on a plane or in a hotel and I start missing him.


He's been going to daycare and preschool since he was 1 and been generating artwork nonstop. Of course most of it is just him messing around but I still don't want to lose it. But nor do I want it around the house either. He is just too prolific.

What I've been doing is taking a picture with my iPhone and storing it away into his folder and archiving it. That way I still have it and can track his progress but I don't have it taking up room.

I'm sure there are more uses but this is what I've found so far. I'm sure a lot of it will depend on his age as I will find more and more use cases.